Jo Standing helps professionals and budding artists get their lives together through words and the crafting of stories unique to their life experiences. She helps you rewrite articles, non-fiction, fiction, web content and blogs with precision and flavour. Jo provides the insight you need into the creative writing process with her years of experience as an author and personal empowerment teacher! 

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"Jo helped me with a writing project that I needed to complete and she did an excellent job. I was a bit stuck and her ideas both on the phone and in the document she sent back to me provided me with the necessary tools and clarity to get my project finished. She helped me improve the final product significantly. I found her helpful because she listened and connected to what I had been trying to do."

- Allison, Teacher in Thailand (2014)




“I hired Jo to support me in writing my book and content for a new website. She is a great motivator and shares great tips to make my writing more consistent and productive. I really enjoy collaborating with her. She always has great ideas and reflections. She helped me tighten up my writing substantially too. I would certainly hire her again.”

-Ki Bournes, Therapist in Vancouver, Canada (2014)




There are few people in the world who are willing to set business aside and fully delve into you and your work. If you are looking for somebody to help you better define your creative output, Jo would be an outstanding person to trust. Her assessment of my novel helped me understand how the piece read from a versatile, outside perspective. She knows what she is doing; I don't know what more I could say.”

-Scott Browning, Writer in Chicago (2014)




“To say that it has been a pleasure to work with Jo Standing, on my current project, would be an understatement and not do justice to all she has done for me as a writer. She has served as a mentor, a sounding-board and an inspiration. She brings not only experience and talent to the table, but a unique clarity of mind.”

-Enrique Aguilar, Veteran and History Major in Costa Rica (2013)




“In writing about a very sensitive matter, Ms Standing has been so supportive and helpful! Even though she wasn't familiar with the details of my subject, she still offered words that pointed me into directions I hadn't thought to be relevant, but discovered with her assistance that they were very relevant! She doesn't make me feel rushed, or like just another client, but encourages me every step, which I truly need with this book. Thank you!”

-Jeanetta Carlton, Writer in Georgia, USA (2013)




“Jo is a very talented writer. She has a tremendous grasp on the English language, someone may call her a grammar geek. She has many helpful tips to make your story more engaging. Her energy is warm and calm so you never feel a sense of angst . She's incredibly patient and a great listener.”

-Debbie Collins, Marketing Specialist in Vancouver, Canada (2014)


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